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Certified Finola hemp pedigree seeds to farmers, who want to grow hemp for food.

Møllerup Gods is producing the hemp variety Finola and as a result of a recent certification, it has now become possible for them to sell locally produced, certified hemp pedigree seeds to farmers, who want to grow hemp for food.

Finola Hemp

The Finola variety is distinguished for having a high content of oils, proteins and fibres, as it contains all the essential oils and all the essential amino acids. In particular, it is rich in the rare omega-3s. Therefore, the Finola variety is popular in the food industry. The composition of the essential fatty acids also makes it perfect for skin care.

“We are very proud to have received certification of our Finola hemp pedigree seeds. It is a really good variety, which is high-performing and matures well even in our northern climate. Also, it is of great importance to the farmers that it can be harvested with an ordinary combine harvester”
Anne Sophie Gamborg, Møllerup Gods, explains.

Finola is a high-performing variety that is ready for harvest after 120 days. The certified hemp pedigree seed can be used by both organic and conventional farmers, as Finola is grown naturally without the use of pesticides.

Permission to Grow Hemp

In 2018, Møllerup Gods has sown the hemp variety Finola in its own fields for the 4th year in a row. This year, it is expected that there will be sown more than 500 hectares of Finola in Denmark.

You must obtain permission to grow all kinds of hemp. The Finola variety is an industrial hemp plant that Danish farmers need to apply for permission to grow with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Food though this link:


Author and food blogger Annette Harbæk Olsen says:

"If you had to bring one thing to a deserted island, it should be a hemp seed". The reason for this is that the hemp plant contains virtually everything we as modern people need: Clothing, housing, medicine and food. Hemp fibres can be used for construction and composites, hemp seeds for food and skin care and hemp tops for medicine and supplements."

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Finola Hemp Pedigree Seeds


The seeds are delivered in bags with 18 kilos.